Te Hā Aukati Kaipaipa
Stop Smoking Services

Te Hā (The Breath) is Te Piki Oranga Services Stop Smoking Programme. The genesis of the name "Te Hā" is based around the sharing of the breath of life between two people as practiced in Māori powhiri. Te Hā is Te Piki Oranga Services contribution to the Nelson Marlborough model of stop smoking services where the partners (Nelson Marlborough Health, Marlborough Primary Health, Nelson Bays Primary Health and Te Piki Oranga Limited) have agreed a collaborative model to ensure maximum coverage of all smokers across Te Tau Ihu.

Te Hā is free and available to enrolled whānau, support individuals, groups and hapu mamas to stop smoking.

Ratonga Whāinga / Service Users

Māori, Pacific people, pregnant women (of any ethnicity), smoking partners, and family living with a pregnant woman, vulnerable populations, including the refugee population who use tobacco products, are eligible to access this service.

Ratonga Whāinga / Service objectives

  • Deliver stop smoking services to priority smokers by trained stop smoking coaches,

  • Deliver a course of individual face to face sessions,

  • Deliver group programmes,

  • Ensure access to Nicotine Replacement Therapy at no or low cost to smokers,

  • Deliver Smoke-free health promotion activities.


New stop-smoking services aim for success

A partnership between Nelson Marlborough Health, Kimi Hauroa Wairau, Nelson Bays Primary Health and Te Piki Oranga, the Stop Smoking and Pepi First services are designed to give smokers the best chance of quitting and staying smoke-free.