Health Services for Koroua and Kuia (Elderly)

Te Piki Oranga provides a range of free health and social services relevant to koroua and kuia (60 years and over). Our services are varied and include help with long-term disease management, nutrition, and mobility and fitness advice.

See below for more details:

Asthma and CORD

Our qualified staff provide free support and education for koroua and kuia (people 60 years +) and their whānau to help prevent and manage asthma and CORD (Chronic Obstructive Respiratory Disease, eg. emphysema), and attacks of these for sufferers.  

This includes developing and encouraging use of respiratory action plans with whānau so they can independently manage their asthma. 

This can also involve facilitating lifestyle changes that assist better management, eg. smoking cessation, housing improvements.


Our qualified staff provide free support advice to help koroua and kuia (60 years +) identify, manage and prevent diabetes.

Our focus is on helping whānau independently manage their diabetes to maintain optimal health and wellbeing.  This includes developing diabetes action plans with whānau which are tailored to individual needs and working alongside GPs and other services as appropriate. 

Our service provides education and support by:

  • Giving advice on the ways to prevent diabetes or reduce its impact among koroua and kuia.

  • Testing and screening to confirm diabetes

  • Referral for care of associated problems with diabetes, eg. foot care, retinal screening.

Fitness and mobility

Our qualified staff provide free advice and support to koroua and kuia about improving their mobility and fitness. This includes the development of action plans to improve the fitness and mobility of koroua and kuia.  We can also make referrals for assistance where needs are identified for help with supporting disability and decreasing mobility.