Health Services for Rangatahi (Youth)

Te Piki Oranga offers free health services for rangatahi (youth) across Nelson and Marlborough. 

Services range from stop smoking and asthma education to mental health and addiction programmes.  All services are free, operating out of our Whakatū, Wairau and Motueka health hubs.  We can also offer mobile services for whānau that are unable to get to us. 

See below for more details:

Alcohol and Drugs

Our qualified staff provide rangatahi with information on the effects of alcohol and drug use to enable them to make positive choices and decisions.

We also provide a community or outpatient assessment and treatment service, that is tailored to individual needs.

This service can include:

  • Screening and brief intervention

  • Specialist comprehensive assessment

  • Drug and alcohol treatment, therapy, support and case management (both individual, group and inclusive of whānau)

  • Integrated care for those experiencing co-existing problems of addiction and mental health

  • Ongoing monitoring of symptoms and regular review of progress and treatment

  • Development of cultural links

  • Working with whānau and offering support and interventions

  • Liaison and consultation services to other agencies and providers of health services including mental health services

  • Community development services

  • Support to enhance recovery and reduce the risk of relapse, eg. facilitating engagement with a support group.

Whānau are offered interventions that appropriate for their assessed needs in terms of drug and alcohol use, related problems and readiness to change. Where appropriate, treatment may include:

  • Pharmacotherapy and bio-medical interventions

  • Psychological treatments

  • Occupational therapy

  • Social work

  • Recreational activities

  • Social skills training

  • Domestic skills training

  • Assertiveness and self-esteem building

Mental Health

Our qualified staff provide free services to support and educate rangatahi so they can improve and sustain their mental health and reach their full potential. 

This can include developing mental health action plans for whānau that are tailored to individual needs and working alongside GPs and other services as appropriate.

Our service provides education and support by:

  • Promoting mental health through promoting confidence and self-esteem

  • Assisting rangatahi and whānau to recognise early signs of stress

  • Referring to counsellors and support networks

  • Providing information to promote mental well-being and stress management

  • Providing specialist advice and information to whānau concerning the care of individuals with mental illness

We also provide a community-based mental health treatment and therapy service that includes:

  • Specialist assessment and diagnosis

  • Provision of medication and other treatment in accordance with individual’s mental health action plan

  • Provision of appropriate psychotherapies

  • Ongoing monitoring of symptoms and regular review of progress and treatment

  • Attention to matters concerning early intervention, maintenance of health, relapse prevention, problem prevention and promotion of good mental health

  • Consultation and liaison services to primary care providers and other relevant agencies.


We provide free support and information about the effects of smoking to enable rangatahi to make positive health choices and help them stop smoking.