Health Services for Tamariki (Children)

Te Piki Oranga provides a free service operating in Wairau, Motueka and Whakatū. We help all whānau with tamariki from birth to 14 years old. If your tamariki is older than 14 please click here.

We provide Well Child checks, whānau support and information. We can offer advice on nutrition, immunisation, sleeping and baby’s growth, maintaining good hearing, management of asthma, injury prevention and mental health issues.  We also have an outreach immunisation service, where children can be immunised at home if whānau are not able to get to one of our hubs.

Care continues through to the free B4 school checks with hearing and vision tests, early dental care, and registration with dental services.

See below for more details:


Our qualified staff provide free health services to Māori focusing on supporting and educating people so they can independently manage their asthma to maintain optimal health and wellbeing.  This includes developing asthma action plans with whānau that are tailored to individual needs and working alongside GPs and other services as appropriate.

Our service provides education on:

  • What asthma is

  • Medication options, what they do, and how to use them

  • How to identify and manager triggers

  • Symptom monitoring

  • Managing an asthma emergency

  • Healthy lifestyles

Hearing Loss

Our qualified staff provide free advice to prevent glue ear, and promoteearly treatment of children with infections and repeated ear troubles.


Our qualified staff provide free support and education so whānau can make informed choices about immunisation.

Being informed about the benefits and risks of immunisation will mean whānau fully understand what advantages immunisation provides, as well as understanding the risks associated with any given vaccine or disease. Whānau can then make the decision that is right for them.  


We work with whānau across Nelson and Marlborough to provide support and nutritional advice aimed at increasing their knowledge of healthy eating.

Whānau can then make healthier food choices that are right for them.

Mental Health

Our qualified staff provide free support and mental health services to Māori tamariki called CAMHS (Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services).

Our focus is on supporting and educating tamariki so they can improve and sustain their mental health and reach their full potential. 

This can include developing mental health action plans for whānau that are tailored to individual needs and working alongside GPs and other services as appropriate.

Our service provides education and support by:

  • Promoting mental health through promoting confidence and self-esteem

  • Assisting whānau to recognise early signs of stress

  • Referring to counsellors and support networks

  • Providing information to promote mental well-being and stress management

  • Providing specialist advice and information to whānau concerning the care of individuals with mental illness

We also provide a community-based mental health treatment and therapy service that includes:

  • Specialist assessment and diagnosis

  • Provision of medication and other treatment in accordance with individual’s mental health action plan

  • Provision of appropriate psychotherapies

  • Ongoing monitoring of symptoms and regular review of progress and treatment

  • Attention to matters concerning early intervention, maintenance of health, relapse prevention, problem prevention and promotion of good mental health

  • Consultation and liaison services to primary care providers and other relevant agencies