Safe Home Visits

By: Dave Emerson, Nehi Arahanga (Clinical Lead)


The majority of the time, visiting whānau at their homes is an effective, ideal and safe way to work. However we should always mitigate the risks of visiting people in their homes. Before visiting anyone we should recognise and understand known risks, and have strategies to manage unexpected risk. 

Door knock.jpg

When we arrive we should environmentally scan the area:

  •  think about where to park

  •  assess the premises for hazards

  • listen for unusual sounds

  • look for anything unusual. 

When at the door:

  • knock on door and then move back and to one side

  • give yourself space to retreat if necessary

  • if no one answers consider returning to your car to make to call. 

Answer door.jpg

When entering the whare:

  • respectfully wait to be invited in

  • follow the person into the house

  • as you enter be mindful of the layout and potential risks

  • allow plenty of personal space

  • avoid turning your back. 

During the visit:

  • assess the room for potential hazards

  • be alert for items that may pose a risk

  • avoid reacting to the house

  • treat occupants with respect (you are their guest) and monitor their body language. 

Leave the premise for safety reasons:

  • leave early if you are aware the person is escalating or risk to yourself is increasing

  • have a couple of plausible excuses to leave

  • If the threat is serious just leave. 

We advise you to do not enter:

  • no one answers the door

  • there is evidence of a break in

  • there are conflicts/ noises coming from the house

  • the person answering the door gives any cause for concern and

  • for any reason you feel uncomfortable entering.