Motueka - Tangata Whaiora korero

By Alice Adair (AA), Pūkenga Manaaki - Motueka

Here is the beautiful story behind this tangata whaiora’s amazing artwork. Ka mau te wehi!

AA: “Where did the inspiration come from to create The Tiger?”

Tangata: “Memory of my stepdad he loved Tigers. When I was 16 I played rugby for the Mot Tigers and I know a lot about the Nelson Tigers Stock cars.”

AA: “Tell me about your creation.”

Tangata: “It’s on a concrete tile. You have to sketch on the tile very carefully and figure out where to put the glass. Then you cut the glass. I had help with the glass. Glass is laid on the tile with sticking material then grouting to keep it all together.”

AA: “Sounds like you worked very hard and thought things through.”

Tangata: “I found it hard going because I wanted to finish before everyone else. But I didn’t. It took me another two weeks.”

AA: “What was the hardest task for you?”

Tangata: “Cleaning it all up and polishing the tile. That took some time. “

AA: “How do you feel, now, that you have finished your tile?”

Tangata: “Awesome. Really rapt. Happy I have achieved something and I feel good.”

AA: “Congratulations for achieving a milestone.”

Tangata: “Te Piki Oranga and The Shed helped me. The Tiger shines in the sun and the eyes follow me.”

AA: “What’s next for you?”

Tangata: “Bone-carving. The print is still in my mind.”

AA: “Thank you for the privilege and your willingness to share your korero today.”

This tangata whaiora had been very unwilling to be enrolled at Te Piki Oranga, attend or participate with, alongside other whānau. Other agencies withdrew or were asked by the tangata whaiora to ‘take a hike.’ I have walked alongside whānau for over 12 months. This is the first time our tangata whaiora has been able to stay focused and complete a task.