Crash scene good Samaritan - our very own Alison Hills!

Te Piki Oranga nurse Alison Hills put her skills to good use recently, rushing to comfort a Blenheim crash victim – 17-year-old Braden Knight.

Braden was injured when a ute crashed into his motorcycle after failing to give way. His motorbike was knocked over and he suffered a haematoma, caused by blood leaking into the tissue outside a blood vessel.

The former intensive care nurse was on her way home to Rarangi, northeast of Blenheim, with her two children in the car when she came across the accident just seconds after it happened. Alison rushed to help comfort the frightened teenager before an ambulance arrived.

"He was sitting by the roadside and was obviously in shock. He was more worried about his clothes than himself but I was worried he could have broken his arm or leg or have concussion. I didn't do much but am glad I was there."

Please click on link below to read more about the story in The Marlborough Express, by reporter Paula Hulburt.