No White Bread?

Bread comes in many forms, but basically contains flour, yeast, salt and water. Not all breads are equal and some varieties contain far more nutrients than others. Two slices of white bread (although very yummy) contain only 1.5g of fibre, whereas multigrain breads contain 5.2g fibre (depending on brand), more protein, and healthy fats and vitamins due to the seeds and grains. The higher fibre content makes these breads more filling too, meaning you eat fewer slices to feel satisfied.

Not ever??

You can eat bread, just don't live on it! Take a moment and think about how you use bread. If you are using bread as a substitute for other foods because you are too busy, too lazy, or too tired to prepare something else, then take some time to think about how you can change this.

Eat plenty of fresh vegetables and fruit, eat healthy snacks and avoid toast for meals. Fill your sandwich with fresh veges and meat so you're feeling full and not tempted to reach for a couple more slices.