New beginnings and new challenges at our new whare

By: Ricky Carr, Pūkenga Kaiwhakahaere - Wairau  (Site Manager – Blenheim)


Te Piki Oranga Wairau office has had a big quarter. We have been packing up in preparation for our move that occurred over a two-day period 29th and 30th of August to join Kimi Hauora aka Marlborough Primary Health (MPHO). The new site address is 22 Queen St, Blenheim. Our contact phone number and P.O. Box remain unchanged.

Staff packed and transported their desktop items including computers to the new site over Wednesday and Thursday, the heavy stuff was moved by an external team organised by Director of Operations, Lindi Rule. Whilst it was sad to be leaving our current location this was tinged with the potential of new beginnings and new challenges. The opportunity to work with several external services, will build our ability and improve our holistic approach to health and social services for the benefit of whānau. Mares Martin (AoD) was heard to say this was her fifth office relocate in six years. 

We inhabit an area of 400 square metres on the first floor which has twenty-two dedicated work stations and two meeting rooms, with an additional seven shared clinical rooms available on the ground floor. We are adjacent to the staff dining area so, no problem for that cuppa if you pop in for a visit.  

Our entrance is situated opposite the Blenheim Library (Arthur St) and allows you to use either the lift which opens directly into our reception area or, if you want to be healthy, use the stairs.  

There are currently one hundred and eighty staff already in the building and that total including us has risen to two hundred and two.   

The following services will be or are located within our new premises; Scott St. General Practice, Sexual Health, Vision and Hearing, B4 school check programme, Mental Health, Counselling, Smokefree and Stop Smoking Services, Infectious Diseases Specialist, resources and expertise for General Practitioners, Public Health Services: Nurses, Medical Officers of Health, Health Promotion Officers, Health Protection Officers and Liquor Licensing Advice, District Health Nurses, Pharmacy services, healthy homes programme advice, Physiotherapy and Hearing Services.

A big thank you to all staff who assisted with our relocation. Special mention for an outstanding job by our Director of Operations, Lindi Rule and thanks to Barry Hedley (MPHO) for his assistance with the transition. 


Dawn blessing of  Te Piki Oranga new whare at 22 Queen Street, Blenheim