Whānau Offer Feedback on Care Model

By Dr. Melissa Cragg

Te Piki Oranga has been working with the whānau of Te Tau Ihu for over two years. Now, in our third year, both Te Piki Oranga and Nelson Marlborough Health felt that it would be a good time to evaluate the effectiveness and success of the model of care that was implemented back in 2014. 

Dr. Melissa Cragg led the project. She said, "The information gathered from this research will be used to inform the development of appropriate and responsive services to meet the needs of whānau."  A variety of different outreach methods ensured the views of whānau, stakeholders and funders were taken in to account, including paper and telephone surveys along with kanohi ki te kanohi focus groups and interviews. 

There were a number of key themes that emerged from the project. Dr. Cragg said there was a clear indication that Te Piki Oranga was working hard to meet the needs of whānau and is passionate about the services it provides.  She also commented that both kaimahi and whānau across the organisation feel the model of care varies, which means the organisation needs to ensure there is a clear vision for whānau and to do some additional work around the consistency of care being provided.  A report outlining the research findings is being presented to the Te Piki Oranga Board.