Car wash fundraising for Whenua-Iti

by Emz Schwass, Pūkenga Hauora Hinengaro ō ngā Tamariki me Rangatahi (CAMHS Clinician)

Waimaria doing car wash fundraising at Whakatū Marae

Waimaria doing car wash fundraising at Whakatū Marae

Waimaria was successful in securing funding from Whenua-Iti, Nelson City Council and Oranga Tamariki, however one of the conditions was to participate in fundraising to pay it forward and give back to Whenua-Iti, so that they can continue to help others. Waimaria feels very privileged to have this opportunity and wanted to thank everyone to make this possible and couldn’t wait to help give back.

So, last Friday 11 January 2019, Waimaria woke up early, came down to Whakatū marae and started from 9.30am to fund raise for her Whenua-Iti trip next week. She set her price to: $5.00 – to wash outside of the car or $20.00 - to wash outside of the car, vacuum, clean window and polish the dash and doors. She worked right through till 4pm as more and more people kept turning up to get their cars washed. Waimaria had a long, but awesome day, out in the sun.

Waimaria donating the $150 car wash money she raised to Whenua-Iti

Waimaria donating the $150 car wash money she raised to Whenua-Iti

Waimaria washed 14 cars and made a total of $150 today and she is very proud to help support Whenua-Iti and other kids to have an opportunity like her! She is looking to donate the $150 back to Whenua-Iti, next week when she arrives.

Waimaria also wanted to thank the kaimahi at Te Piki Oranga and Whakatū Marae who brought in their cars to get cleaned for the new year and help support her cause! She is excited and a little nervous to attend Whenua-Iti next week, but can’t wait to tell us all about it when she returns!

Waimaria showing off her hard earned cash from car washing

Waimaria showing off her hard earned cash from car washing

Dear sponsors,

I just want to thank the sponsors (Whenua-Iti, Nelson City Council, Oranga Tamariki, Te Piki Oranga) for giving me this great opportunity, It was an amazing experience that I had enjoyed so much and that it will always be an unforgettable experience! Thank you all so much for your help and making it so much fun and thank you again for helping me out with the money, I am so thankful for the support.

I wanted to attend this trip because the last Trip I attended involved Whenua-Iti and it was so much fun. It felt like home, I gathered good relationships with others I kind of knew and we all treated each other like whanau. It was too good of a time so I asked if there was any holiday camps or other programs, I could do involving Whenua-Iti again, and surprisingly there was, so I was happy. I love being in the outdoors and I love meeting new people.

I had done 3 days of rock climbing, sea kayaking and tramping. I also had been a leader for a day, like everyone else and I supported everyone whilst everyone was supporting me through the good and bad times. They all also supported me through the challenges I felt was hard and I was so happy about it all and how it turned out.

My all-time favourite highlight was meeting everyone that attended and getting to know each other and working with everyone as well as communicating. My other good highlight was getting through the rough waves on the Sea Kayaking trip and that we were all safe and also I was so challenged and happy that we all made it to the top of Gordon’s Pyramid, but in the end I came back with huge blisters and many battle scars.

I learned a lot on this trip. (1) How to rock climb with the safety gear and equipment, (2) How to kayak in difficult sea conditions with high winds. This affected our ability to kayak as many found it too difficult to fight the wind, (3) I learnt about different cultures, (4) Good communication skills, (5) Where to tramp in new areas within the nelson area, (6) How much this city has to offer and how much more there is outside to life, (7) More about myself, I never knew I could do things like Rock climbing, (8) How to cook with others on a budget, and also (9) How to bond quickly with others and trust the people I’m with.

Once again, I’d like to thank everyone for this opportunity, and if I got a chance to do something like this again in the future it would be amazing. Here’s a few pics I thought I’d like to share.

Nga Mihi