He Aha Te Taake

by Sonny Alesana, Te Pou Taki (Cultural Advisor) / Rangatahi Pou Tangata (Service Champion - Youth)


He Aha Te Taake is a model that explores the notion that Māori Rangatiratanga (Leadership) has a special part to play when service providers work with whānau to find solutions for their wellbeing.

Understanding and integration of whānau leadership and principles are based on Te Puna (source).

The model has three phases that whānau will navigate.

The first is "Taake" (issue)

Identifying the taake will conjure up emotions for whānau, there will be arguments and tears. These feelings are important to finding pathways for the whānau to move forward. This step is the hardest part for the whānau but it’s a necessary step for all involved to ensure they have input before moving to the moemoea.    

The second is “Moemoea” (aspirations)

Whānau will identify their aspirations, goals, and dreams.

The third is “Huarahi’ (pathway)

This is where the kaimahi and the whānau will work on a plan or pathway to support the whānau to achieve their moemoea.