Introducing Tūhono

By: Lydia Mains, Pūkenga Kaiwhakahaere (Project Manager - Tūhono)

Natasha Cunningham with baby Keanu

Natasha Cunningham with baby Keanu

Tūhono is a new and exciting innovation program Te Piki Oranga are developing that will provide a kaupapa Māori intensive, personalised interventions for a small number of identified whānau focused on:

  • Building the strong bond and relationship between māmā (or matua) and pēpi as a foundation for the health and development of the pēpi and whānau.

  • Creating valuable aropa/peer group, whānau and tuākana/tēina relationships

  • Developing parenting and life skills

  • Connecting whānau with key health and social services along the pregnancy and parenting pathway.

What is the aim of the program:

The key objectives of this proposal is to give pēpi hour the best start in life, by supporting two groups of new parents, who have significant challenges, to:

  1. Establish and maintain strong and positive attachment to their pēpi - antenatally and after the birth

  2. Gain practical skills through the provision of individualised, practical, home-based support

  3. Connect with each other, this service and the wider community to reduce isolation

  4. Engage with key services available to support the health and well-being of the whānau, in a timely way

  5. Make and maintain links to whakapapa and te Ao Māori

  6. Establish tuākana/tēina relationships for learning and support..

This is a pilot program and will be delivered from Motueka and Wairau. Referrals is open on 1st July.