From the Editor

By Rossana Rogers, Kaipakihi Tautoko Whakahaere (Business Support for Finance and Communications)

Kia ora,

Welcome to the June issue of Te Puna Pānui. I hope everyone is keeping warm as the makariri (cold) winter months have descended on us with the vengeance. We didn't even transition gradually. It just went from hot to cold, just like that - nothing in between. Brr!

As the season of Mātāriki (stars in the Pleiades cluster that becomes visible in winter) returns once more and marks the start of te tau hoe (Māori New Year), we thank the bounty of nature for its tireless cycle of sowing, growing and reaping. It is a time for connecting with, and giving thanks to the land, sea and sky, for the community to come together to farewell the dead and acknowledge the year gone by. We hope you're able to take time this month to celebrate with whānau and friends.

For Te Piki Oranga organisation, our Matariki celebration is on the 26th of June (this June issue would already have gone to print) and you will be able to read about all of this on our September Issue.

Ngā mate o ngā whānau haere, haere, haere atu rā. We would like to acknowledge the loss of whānau that have passed away in the last quarter and our aroha goes out to their whānau and to others that may have lost a loved one.

As we get deeper into the cooler months and driving conditions become more precarious, I hope you all keep safe on the roads and that you are able to avoid the worst effects of the wet and wintry weather.

Hope you'll enjoy reading this June issue of Te Puna Pānui.

Ngā mihi