Te Puna Kai Ora

By Brittani Beavis (NZRD), Te Puna Kai Ora (Dietitian)


Wharewhare Ora Competition

To kick off the “Kai Ora” Programme kaimahi took part in a Wharewhare Ora competition. Staff were encouraged to complete the challenges laid out on a BINGO board and each line completed put them in a draw to win a Rebel Sports voucher.

Niki Waitai, prize winner of the Rebel Sports voucher

Niki Waitai, prize winner of the Rebel Sports voucher

The lucky winner of this competition was Niki Waitai!

There are lots more exciting competitions coming up in the year to get whānau to think about healthy eating and physical activity with lots of awesome prizes!

Nutrition Education Sessions

Kaimahi have been building upon their nutrition knowledge with monthly sessions with TPO dietitian Brittani Beavis. The first session kaimahi attended was all about Fad Diets. We learnt about the pros and cons of many different diets such as Paleo, Keto, Alkaline, Intermittent fasting, The Cookie Diet, and even Bacteriotherapy! The Waimeha kaimahi were lucky enough to have the Motueka koroua and kuia group join for their session who provided some valuable insights into how we used to eat before the expansion of highly refined fast foods, and diets.


The next topic kaimahi learnt about was macronutrients (carbohydrate, protein, and fat). We discussed the roles macro-nutrients have in our body and where to find them and how much we need. Kaimahi appreciated learning about the basics of what makes up our kai as well as how to have a balanced diet made up of all the different macro-nutrients. An interesting fact we learnt was that Gluten is a protein found in wheat.

I’m looking forward to the upcoming nutrition education sessions we have planned to help grow our knowledge of kai and healthy eating.