Motueka Te Oranga Pai

By Alice Adair, Pūkenga Manaaki (Whānau Ora Navigator)

Alice Adair, Pūkenga Manaaki (Whānau Ora Navigator)

Everything we do at Te Piki Oranga is a celebration of whakawhānaungatanga, manaakitanga, aroha, tika and pono, and the Te Oranga Pai Motueka exercise group is no exception. Focused on improving strength and balance, the group had its first session at the beginning of September and we are still going strong, planning for end-of-year Christmas sessions that include making decorations, having a sweet body korero and harakeke mahi. Whānau and kaumātua who attend the sessions have told us they are “boisterous, serious and fun,” so something for everyone!

Our activities include rakau, kapa haka, waiata, chanting using Tai Chi movements, weights, ball work and brain gym, slow and fast march, foot tapping, and zumba slow motion. Our warm up includes shoulder presses, finger wiggles, wrist rotations, neck and torso movements, and arm and leg massages. And then when we cool down, we do the same again, always paying attention to our breathing.

At a recent session Cherie Thomas from Nelson Bays Primary Health (NBPH) talked about Tū Kaha Tu Toa, preventing falls, and how important it is for us all to have a strong core for good balance as we get older.

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We also have a ’Kōrero Time’ at every session where we share ideas and discuss nutrition, the food we eat, food portions and the importance of drinking water regularly.  Whānau can also have their blood pressure and bloods checked with our nurses before finishing off with shared kai and a cuppa.

Our team, including Lesley Grey from Te Awhina Marae, and our whānau are very enthusiastic and it is a privilege to spend time with them. We are all going from strength to strength with the programme and we’ve been able to purchase balls, weights, mouses and rats, hoops and an equipment container to hold everything. I am happy to announce I’m becoming an accredited instructor. Many thanks to Glenis Bell from NBPH for providing the pūtea for this programme.

Our whānau posing with huge smiles.

Our whānau posing with huge smiles.