Is when you eat important?

It’s important to eat regularly but there isn’t a generic one-size-fits-all rule that will work for everyone – we’re all different. When it comes to the timing of your meals and how many times you need to eat in a day, this all depends on who you are, how many hours you are up for, what time you get up and go to bed, and when (and if!) you do exercise.

Twenty-four hours a day your body is busy working, your heart is beating, kidneys are busy filtering your blood and your brain is active. Your body is constantly burning fuel. Obviously, though, most of us don’t eat every minute of every day (even if we’d like to), so we end up giving our body the energy and nutrients it needs with a number of meals and snacks. When you eat, your body will use some of that fuel and then keep some for later to use between now and the next time you eat.

During the hours that you’re awake, it’s helpful to eat regularly to provide your body with a slow and steady supply of fuel. And as much as you would like to think that if you skip meals - such as breakfast - your body miraculously burns off all your body fat – sorry, it doesn’t – doing this can be very unhelpful for your metabolism and also make it difficult for you to shift weight.

So regardless of your work hours – shift work, weekdays or weekends – eating regularly throughout your “workday” will keep your energy levels up and your blood glucose levels stable.