Why 5+ A Day?

For optimal health we should all eat at least five servings of fresh fruit and vegetables every day. Just like a car needs the right fuel to run well, we need fresh fruit and vegetables to get the best out of our bodies for physical activity, learning, sport, work and all our daily activities.  We should eat two servings of fruit and three or more of vegetables each day.

Vegetables and fruit provide complex carbohydrate, fibre, vitamins and minerals and are low in fat. They should be eaten with most meals and are good snack foods. Eat your water — fruit and vegetables contain up to 95% water plus the added vitamin and mineral benefits fresh produce offer.

What is a serving size?

A serving is about a handful and we all use our own hands — therefore everyone — from a small child to a burly bloke — can look at their hands and know how big their portion sizes should be.

This is especially important in today's world, where 'oversized' portions in takeaways, cafés and manufactured foods, have become 'normal' to our eyes. Unfortunately, research has shown that the larger the portion, the more we tend to eat. Here are some tips to help recalibrate your portion sizes:

  • Switch to a smaller plate — you'll eat less but if the plate is full you'll still feel satisfied.
  • Put the vegetables or salad on your plate first — it will automatically make you cut down your meat or carb servings.

Put leftovers away as you serve the rest of the meal — 'serve' them into a separate container and put in the fridge. You'll be less tempted to go back for seconds.